11 Year Course
Duration: 1 Hour, Twice a Week

Aadi Shakti Music and Dance Academy (Aadi Shakti Sangeet Kala Kendra) provides the unique opportunity for students to learn Hindustani Vocal music through a highly structured curriculum, a clear path for progression, and certifications for completion.

Certificates are awarded to the students on successful completion of each level. All Students need to complete all 11 year levels as per the syllabus and course. Students who clear Internal Examinations only will be considered eligible, after their assessment, to appear for External Examinations.

Course Levels

  • Classical SPP
  • Classical 1st year
  • Classical 2nd year
  • Classical 3rd year part 1
  • Classical 3rd year part 2
  • Classical 4th year part 1
  • Classical 4th year part 2
  • Classical 5th year part 1
  • Classical 5th year part 2
  • Classical 6th year part 1
  • Classical 6th year part 2

Exam Dates

  • Theory Exams – July
  • Practical Exams – October

Student has to give internal examinations throughout 1 to 11 years