11 Year Course
Duration: 1 Hour, Twice a Week

In the world of Indian music tabla, keyboard, guitar & harmonium play an important role. There are various stories regarding the birth of tabla. According to one source, the word tabla derived from the word table in Parsi. Others say the famous Pakhawaj player of Delhi Sidhar Khan was the father of tabla. Whatever its source, the tabla continues to be a very important and well-loved drum that is an essential part of the music of northern India

Aadi Shakti Music and Dance Academy (Aadi Shakti Sangeet Kala Kendra) is an organization dedicated to teaching aspirants the instruments like Tabla, Harmonium & Keyboard. We conduct regular weekly class, on an ongoing basis for beginner & advanced levels. We help students around the world enrich their knowledge and to learn the beautiful art of playing instruments.

Course Levels

  • Classical SPP
  • Classical 1st year
  • Classical 2nd year
  • Classical 3rd year part 1
  • Classical 3rd year part 2
  • Classical 4th year part 1
  • Classical 4th year part 2
  • Classical 5th year part 1
  • Classical 5th year part 2
  • Classical 6th year part 1
  • Classical 6th year part 2

Exam Dates

  • Theory Exams – July
  • Practical Exams – October

Student has to give internal examinations throughout 1 to 11 years